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Our Purpose

Together we will create a patch for every child to grow.

Our Core Values


A true awareness of self with a balance of calmness, humility and honesty.


A caring community minded team that requires great leadership and exceptional connectedness to children, families, schools and each other.



By our very nature of pride and satisfaction,  we promote autonomy, empowerment and personal ownership with each role we play at Our Patch.



A journey of discovery through magic and imagination that allows for creativity and laughter each and every day.

Why choose Our Patch?


The voice of every child, the foundation of each tailored program running in every Patch.


Time is precious. When children are in the care of Our Patch, we focus on each minute being spent on engaging, developmental experiences with intention.


Each Patch is measured on outcomes. A level of excellence enabled by great leadership and connectedness to our community.

Ready to grow a patch of your own?

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Our Patch provides a uniquely designed offering to children where they can make the OSHC space their own, a patch where they feel free to be themselves and to do as they would like. Children in Our Patch come because they want to be there.